GeckoGrips is a climbing grip manufacturer based in Cape Town, South Africa that was started in 1993 by well-known SA climber, Andy Davies. After being taken over by Etienne Pietersen and Richard Slater, Gecko is now in the hands of Richard’s wife, Lauren.

Our grips are inspired by all the cool crags that the guys mentioned above have visited around the world. Tufas from Thailand, pockets from Wild Iris (USA), pinches from Rifle (USA), slopers from Fontainbleau (France) and edges from Finale (Italy) are just a few examples of the places that have inspired our shapes - not to mention our own crags like Rocklands, Oudtshoorn, Montagu and Cape Town. We have however taken the sharpness out of the real rock - all our grips have been carefully shaped to be comfortable on your skin and tendons.

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