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An introductory day to outdoor rock-climbing. We cover the equipment, the processes and teach the fundamental safety principles. At the end of the day you will have a clearer understanding of the different types of outdoor climbing, you will know how to safely put a harness on, tie the correct knot as well as belay safely and correctly. Of course you will also have gotten to climb a few routes to get the feel of being high off the ground.

This tour is aimed at people who would like to get outside, get a little hike in...AND learn to rock climb all in a morning (or afternoon). We teach you the basics and get you climbing up a vertical rock face, often with amazing views behind. Suitable for anyone, especially if you have never climbed before.

Transport and equipment provided.

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  • Max 6 per instructor/coach
  • Equipment if needed
  • Transport if needed
  • Permits where required

What to bring

  • Comfortable gym wear and hiking/running shoes
  • A fleece/pullover
  • A water bottle and some energy snacks, sunscreen.

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