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The Abseil Skills 202 is aimed at people who expect to be abseiling on a climb or trip, or want to recreationally do some abseiling.This course covers the basic skills but due to the time restraint some of the more technical setup and rescue techniques are skipped. For these it would be better to attend the Abseil Supervisor Award

This course is for recreational users - commercial users should attend the certified version!

The course covers:

  • Equipment usage and care
  • Personal safety at edges
  • Descending the rope (Abseiling / Rappelling)
  • Ascending the rope (Jumaring)
  • Hauling systems and Pick-offs
  • Passing knots
  • Rope types and uses, and equipment care
  • Considerations and equipment for longer and complex abseils
  • Basic anchor set-up
  • Basic Abseil Set-up

The course does not cover:

  • The skills needed to approach and retreat from mountains
  • Access to any location where escape is not easily possible from the top and the bottom of the abseil site
  • Multiple abseils, or abseils that involve intermediate stances
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