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The Abseil Skills 101 is aimed at people who expect to be abseiling on a climb or trip, but who are not needing the knowledge of setting up the abseil (IE you are not the leader). This is particularly useful for people embarking on a guided expedition to greater ranges where (supervised) abseiling will be required in places but you want to be prepared rather than learn how to abseil in a snow storm high on a mountain. This course is often combined with the SNOW & ICE SKILLS course.

The course covers:

  • Equipment usage and care
  • Personal safety at edges
  • Descending the rope (Abseiling / Rappelling)
  • Ascending the rope (Jumaring)
  • Hauling systems and Pick-offs
  • Passing knots
  • Rope types and uses, and equipment care
  • Considerations and equipment for longer and complex abseils

The course does not cover:

  • The skills needed to approach and retreat from mountains
  • Access to any location where escape is not easily possible from the top and the bottom of the abseil site
  • Multiple abseils, or abseils that involve intermediate stances

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