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A compact half / twin rope with minimal inter-fiber friction for increasing durability. The double-strand-braid gives the rope a fantastic soft handle!

  • tested and certified according to the EN 892 standard requirements for half ropes and twin ropes
  • weight, diameter and number of falls are balanced in such a way that Accord 8.3 can be used as both a half and twin rope
  • used in pairs, the climber can choose between the twin rope technique or half rope technique – whatever technique is required at the time
  • thermotransfer end marking
  • ultrasonic ending

Weight: 43 g/m
Diameter: 8.3 mm
Number of falls: 15 (twin), 5 (half)
Dynamic elongation: 32 % (twin), 34 % (half)
Static elongation: 6.4 % (twin), 9 % (half)
Impact force: 9.7 kN (twin), 5.9 kN (half)