Mad Rock Agama



  • The Mad Rock Agama is a neutral fit and versatile climbing shoe aimed primarily at beginners. The asymmetric last and flat profile provides great comfort that allows you to focus on climbing instead of your uncomfortable toes. It is ideal for all day climbing and still optimizes performance when downsized properly
    1. Versatile climbing shoe ideal for climbers looking for comfort
    2. Slightly asymmetric last and flat profile for maximum comfort
    3. Combination of stretchy Syn Flex and leather
    4. Synthetic reinforcements reduce stretching
    5. 3D molded heel for a great fit made with sticky rubber and cushy EVA 
    6. Science Friction 3.0 rubber sole for the best friction
  • A shoe designed as your first shoe, your comfortable gym shoe or your all-day-never-take-off shoe, our suggested sizing is on the relaxed fit side.
    Below is our recommended size sown from your running shoes
    1. Your 1st Shoe: 0 Down
    2. Gym Shoe: 0 or 1 Down
    3. All Day Shoe: 1 Down
    4. Performance?: 1 - 1.5 Down
  • Tech Specs
    1. Stiffness: Medium/Hard
    2. Upper Material: Syn Flex, Leather
    3. Closure: Hook-and-loop
    4. Midsole: Leather footbed, 1.8mm Polyester midsole, EVA heel
    5. Rubber: Science Friction 3.0
    6. Profile: Comfort
    7. Asymmetrical Curvature: Moderate

Category: Beginner

Type: Climbing - Shoes