Edelrid Eagle Lite Pro Dry Rope 9.5mm



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There are two things that you should know about this lightweight and impressive rope, firstly that it is a Pro Dry rope and secondly that it has undergone the Thermo Shield treatment.

Being a Pro Dry rope, each individual yarn has a fluoropolymer coating which reduces the friction and improves the sliding properties. The hydrophobic coating is an impermeable protective layer which keeps water, oily substances and dirt off the fibers. The Thermo Shield is a heat cure treatment which stabilizes and harmonizes the yarns giving it the excellent handling capabilities that Edelrid are famous for. The rope has been 3D lap coiled so you can use it straight away, without any kinks and tangling.

This is a CE marked product: CE 0123. This rope is available in 70m and 80m.

      9.5 mm
      Rope Type
      62 g/m
      Impact Force
      9.3 kN
      Dynamic Elongation
      Static Elongation