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Feast 4 Camp Cookware Set


Make outdoor activities an enjoyable part of your lifestyle by bringing the Feast 4 Camp Cook Set with you!

Feast 4 is a versatile and durable camp cook-set ideal for groups of 3-4 people. Hard anodized aluminum cooking surface provides excellent heat transfer and resists food sticking. Excellent for car camping, but is light and compact enough for extended backpacking trips. Works great with Fire-Maple stoves and even cook systems with a pot support stand.

The 2 cook pots (1.5L and large 2L) with lids are excellent for pasta, soups, stews and preparing dehydrated meals.

The lid features a heat-resistant handle with drain holes for easy straining.

The griddle pan features a wave design that works great for pancakes, grilling or even frying meats and veggies. Locking handles on the pan and pot provide a secure and safe handle while cooking and fold away for compact storage.

The 0.8 Liter kettle with lid is great for boiling water fast for tea, coffee, or dishes.

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