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The FlameStower Portable Camping Fire USB Charger is a must-have for camping and less power line dependence. Top quality combines with durability for extended reliability. This Flamestower fire charger allows you to literally harness the power and energy of a fire to recharge your USB devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Whether you're out in the woods, enjoying a backyard bonfire or in some other way find yourself with your devices and a blaze, enjoy the convenience of a full battery without paying for it.
FlameStower Portable USB Camping Fire Charger:
  • The FlameStower fire charger charges smartphones and any USB-enabled devices from your fire
  • Campfires, camp stoves, any fire sources will work
  • Just unfold, place the blade in a flame, plug in your device and you will be charging within a couple of minutes
  • Charge your gear with fire, day or night
  • Your outdoor sporting solution solved
  • Top quality combined with durability for extended reliability
  • Camping USB charger

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