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Join us for a guided hiking adventure on Table Mountain, Lions Head or Karbonkelberg

Monday, Wednesday & Friday we hike either Table Mountain or Lions Head depending on the weather or the group decision.

Table Mountain

Join us for a hiking adventure up and down Table Mountain. Get a chance to take some epic pictures, make some awesome memories and have some memorable experiences. Table Mountain has some unique and beautiful plants that are found nowhere else in the world, not to mention it is iconic. The routes that we will be hiking will cater for a variety of fitness levels and capabilities. The hike range in different durations from 3 – 3,5 hours for hiking up and 2 –3 hours for down, with the option of taking the cable down.   

Lion’s Head

Hike Lion’s a different way with us, starting at the front we will then make our way up and around Lion’s Head providing you with a multitude of views of both camps bay and cape town city centre. We aim to provide you with some new and different views from Lion’s Head and some quiet places to relax and enjoy. This hike is usually a 3.5-hour hike and is done as a circular route.



This area has some very relaxed hiking with stunning views and a diverse animal and coastal life. The Hout Bay area is famous for its fish and chips and the sea laps at some rocky trails. This hike is made even more special as we have partnered with the local guides from the communities that you will be hiking above in the Karbonkelberg Mountain range. These guides have a plethora of knowledge from the history of the area and to the medicinal plants which are still used by the local community. 

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