Mad Rock Lite 9.4mm Dynamic Climbing Rope



A low weight rope with excellent technical parameters and SBS construction of the sheath, which makes the rope not only more resistant to abrasion, but also soft and easy to manipulate.

A rope aimed more towards the performance seeking climber looking for a lighter, softer rope pushing their sport climbing grades and it can be used in a trad role as well if needed.

The sheath is very nicely finished and the weave is an excellent braid with a soft handle and easy clipping / knottability. When used with an auto/semi-locking belay device or belay plate, the feed is smooth and predictable, but its lower diameter does need more attention (but it does feed exceptionally well as a result).

Single rope certification.

  • Standard: 9.4mm x 70M
  • Weight: 58g/M
  • Number of falls: 5~7
  • Max. impact force: 7kN
  • Sheath Slippage: 0.05%
  • Static elongation: 6.2%
  • Dynamic Elongation: 37%
  • Flexibility: 0.9
  • Teflon Coating: Non-Dry
  • Country of origin: Czech Republic

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