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For leading groups of hikers in easy mountain terrain

The Walking Group Leader Award or WGLA is designed for people who want to lead groups in hills and mountainous areas, on non-technical terrain. With a strong focus on navigation, the award provides the leadership skills required to feel confident about taking people out walking. The award also includes expedition organization skills for multi-day trips.

The award consists of 4 distinct parts:

  1. Some prior hiking experience.
  2. Attending the 3-day training course with an approved provider.
  3. Gaining of further experience.
  4. Attending a 2-day practical assessment.

Participants who have no prior hiking experience are encouraged to attend the MDT Hiking Skills course before going on the WGLA course.

Day 1: Lectures

Day 2 and 3: Practical in the Field


  • map and navigation
  • equipment care
  • group control
  • conservation
  • steep-ground
  • river crossing
  • emergencies

In all of these areas candidates are specifically shown methods of good and safe practice when dealing with beginners and groups, as this is in essence what WGLA is about. Note that no rope work on steep ground or river crossing is shown on this course. Navigation including the ability to read maps properly forms a major part of the course. GPS devises are not considered to be suitable for proper and accurate wilderness navigation and thus not taught in this award.

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