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This course combines the Summer ad Winter skills course into one, slightly longer, option. This is a mainly practical course in the basics of hiking. The skills learned on this course will help to make you into a confident all-round hiker, equipped with the correct knowledge to walk safely in mountainous regions which are alpine enough to require skilled summer, and winter (snow, cold and altitude) knowledge. We run the course primarily in late winter (July-September) in the Hex River Mountains, or June-August in The Drakensberg, however make-shift summer options can be arranged.You need to be fit and have some summer overnight hiking experience. Items such as tents, mattresses, stoves and sleeping bags are provided on request, but there is an assumption that you have personal items, including suitable footwear (waterproof).

Topics Covered

  • Equipment care and usage
  • Packing
  • Navigation in all conditions
  • Nutrition
  • Camp craft
  • Summer & Winter weather
  • Common winter hazard avoidance
  • Basic Emergency procedures
  • Winter travel
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