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Scrambling adds immense value to your hiking options, learn the skills to scramble safely

After this course, you should be able to safely explore scrambling routes. This will massively expand your capability in the mountains. You will find new playgrounds as a trail runner, hiker or mountaineer.

Topics Covered

  • Climbing techniques
  • Navigation- Safety considerations
  • Limitations of scrambling
  • Emergency procedures.

Day 1:

  • Intro to rock climbing (modern climbing equipment and safety techniques)
  • The top rope system
  • The Confidence Rope
  • Gear used (harness, helmet, rope, slings protection) and how to care for it.
  • Climbing techniques for Scrambling

Day 2:

  • We will climb one of the easier scrambling routes and you will get lots of time and opportunity to practice a variety of safety techniques learned.
  • How does this translate to scrambling?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of scrambling?
  • Scrambling techniques, gear used.‍
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