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Aimed at coaches and supervisors who need to safely manage groups of climbers in a training / coaching environment

An MDT certified course and subsequent Award on completion of a successful assessment, the award is aimed at providing certification for the gym and school group supervisors and coaches. Focussed on the Bouldering, Top Rope and Sport Leading group, the award offers formal certification in the safety aspect of those genre's, it does not cover performance related instruction, as that is assumed to be the specialty of the applicant.

The Wall Climbing Supervisor Award provides training and assessment for those who supervise indoor gym climbing as well as bolted top- rope and leading on artificial walls and easily accessible natural crags.

Entry requirements:

Candidates must be at least 18 years old


2 days


1 day. If the pupil can show extensive prior experience and competence during the course, the instructor may proceed directly into a RPL assessment.


  • Equipment usage and care
  • Top rope anchors using bollards, trees, bolts and spikes
  • Artificial (bolted) anchor points
  • Belay techniques
  • Supervising top roping
  • Supervising bottom roping
  • Supervising bolted lead climbing
  • Supervising bouldering
  • Rock climbing grading systems
  • Rope types and uses, and equipment care
  • Personal abseiling
  • Escaping the system
  • Basic understanding of Fall factors and impact forces in the safety chain
  • Emergency Procedures
  • MDT and NQF training and qualification structure and skills

Scope and remit of the qualification

The award does not cover:

  • Access to any location where escape is not easily possible from the top and the bottom of a climb
  • The skills needed to approach and retreat from mountain crags
  • Multi-pitch rock climbing
  • The use of traditional anchors
  • The skills required to supervise group abseiling
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