Brand - Totem Cams

Its major features like its narrow head, individually placed four lobes, the option of using 2 or 3 lobes, and the flexible stem makes it the most prominent option for tight and flared placements.

Totem cams have departed from the traditional cams design to give climbers something with unique and equally effective design. It has elliptically shaped lobes that have more contacting points with the rocks. Likewise, it has U-shaped tape and A-shaped stems for more efficiency.

Totem Cams work in a quite different way than many other cams. In Totem Cams, you can clip into different sling positions. The cam then transfers the load onto the wires. Unlike other cams, wires transfer the downward force onto the lobes and not the axle. The transferred weight then opens up the lobes for a tight grip on the rock cracks and placements. So, this unique design is not a gimmick, but carefully crafted and intentional design for enhanced efficiency.