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!! With Unicore technology !!

The Beal DIABLO 9.8 UNICORE has been developed for more demanding climbers. Due to its very fluid running sheath the 9.8 DIABLO UNICORE performs even better when pulling slack and clipping than ‘classic’ ropes of smaller diameter and lower weight.

This rope is dedicated to expert climbers and experienced and vigilant belayers, because its easy running quality does not give the same assurance on belay as a rope of larger diameter.

  • Remains compact and supple
  • Better abrasion resistance.
  • Easy clipping.
  • Diameter:  9.8mm
  • Rope Type:   Single
  • Impact Force (kN): 8.2
  • Weight per meter:  61g
  • Total Weight: (60m) 3.66kg
  • No of Falls (UIAA Laboratory):  5
  • Dynamic Elongation/Sheath:  38%