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A simple yet effective tool to brush off dust and dirt from the whole surface area of your rope.

Sometimes you need things you don't even know you need. Like whan you are doing the right thing, and washing your rope...and you learn that pre-brushing the dirt is a smart thing to do.


Because dirt and grime are abraisive, and we really want to keep the abraisive stuff away from the soft gentle life-saving stuff of ours. Brushing need not only happen pre-wash, it can happen whenever you feel that dust and dirt and grime has gotten onto your rope


Thread brush onto the rope and brush along the length repeatedly in gentle slow brosh-strokes. If you intend to wash the rope, we suggest either making a See Youtube and putting it in a pillowcase (or similar) or simply flaking it into a pillowcase (or similar). Remember to use a synthetic-fibre friendly detergent (here's why). It's up to you whether or not you choose to add a secondary cycle to the wash, and "re-proof" it - the advantage is an extra dirt repellancy (and water repellancy) 
- the disadvantage is a slipery rope (that's the teflon effect), which makes it very fast through a belay/rappel device.

Dry your rope in a cool well venitalted area, away from chemicals and sunlight.

A brush specifically created to clean ropes. Adapts easily to different diameters. Twist the brush onto the rope and then run the rope through the brush while holding it firmly under water.

The recommended pre-was cleaning mathod for rope-washing. Use this brush to pre-clean your rope prior to washing with Nikwax Tech Wash and then Nikwax Rope Proof wash-in protection.