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The Bottle Nose Quick Draw has a wide and stiff dog bone sling making it is easy to grab and handle while climbing. The grooves along the spine gives confident feedback when handling each carabiners. These draws are available in a 4" and a 6" length. This product is CE EN 12275 type K, B, H certified.


    Weight & Length
    4" - 97g and 276 mm long   
    6" - 102g and 330 mm
    Dog bone Size on 4"
    10 cm long, 25 mm wide
    Dog bone Size on 6"
    15 cm long, 25 mm wide

    Top Carabiner Style & Clearance

    Straight Gate Clearance 23 mm
    Carabiner Style & Clearance
    Bent Gate Clearance: 26 mm
    Nylon / Polyamide­ and Aluminum