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The best chalk on the market, now also in chalk ball form! If you love Chalk Cartel, and prefer a chalk ball, the combination is now ready to roll into your chalk bag.

"Climb higher and better with our Baller chalk ball! Our 62.4g of pure "meat grind" powered grind is crafted from superior grade chalk - the same as used in all other products. Each ball comes with a chalk sock that's reusable and embossed with our logo. We take sustainability seriously, so each chalk ball is shipped to you in a kraft paper bag with an eco-friendly plant-based liner, which is 100% compostable.

  • Reusable/refillable sock
  • High-quality Magnesium Carbonate
  • Free of drying agents, fillers heavy materials, and bogus proprietary claims
  • Improves friction by reducing sweat and moisture
  • Developed by climbers for climbers
  • Eco-friendly packaging that is good for the environment
  • Net-weight: 62.4g / 2.2oz