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The EDGE Unleashed is a full finger training system.

Hangboard training is an ongoing journey. As you progress and improve, you’ll find you eventually require smaller or more difficult holds to keep challenging yourself. 

The EDGE Unleashed can be combined with the EDGE+ as an affordable way to increase hold variety. No need to purchase a new board – simply add an EDGE+ to your EDGE Unleashed when you’re ready. 

Hold Sizes:

  • Jugs
  • Slopers 35Deg
  • Slopers 20Deg
  • 4 Finger 44mm
  • 4 Finger 22mm
  • Mono 48mm
  • 3 Finger 35mm
  • 3 Finger 24
  • 2 Finger 32
  • One Hand 48mm
  • One Hand 30mm