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CS stands for "Comp Style". An Ultra High-Performance shoe aimed at indoor competition-style climbing. Compression-molded toe-box & patented Concave Sole is like legal cheating at your comp.

A competition-style version of the hugely popular DRONE. A Softer midsole coupled with a patented anatomically molded toe box for better precision and higher versatility on comp-style volumes and smears.

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Climbing competitions require the utmost performance and versatility. The Drone CS is designed to excel in both areas, thanks to our latest XF rubber compound used throughout the toe box and heel cup. This shoe is ready to stick to anything the route setter throws your way, whether that be an outdoor wall or indoor climbing gym.

Another key feature is our newest molded polycarbonate midsole, which is anatomically friendly without being overly aggressive. Its patented concave shape locks you in without restricting movement, making it ideal for smearing on flat surfaces.

Proudly at the forefront of molding technology in climbing shoes since our launch in 2002, we have never shied away from this expensive endeavor, as we truly believe that it yields the best performing and fitting shoes on the market today. This technology also makes the resource use more efficient resulting in

  • New! Compression-molded toe box made with our NEW Xtreme Friction rubber 
  • New! 3D expandable molded heel made with our NEW Xtreme Friction rubber
  • Xtreme Friction rubber is our newest and stickiest formula
  • Patented Concave Sole
  • Downturned and twisted profile for power and precision
  • Low profile and pointy toe box 
  • Stretchy and breathable tongue 
  • Arch Flex for support and a better fit 
  • High Volume version offers a wider toe box, bigger heel cup, and a boxier profile 
  • Vegan Friendly


  • Stiffness: Soft
  • Upper Material: Syn Flex
  • Closure: Hook-and-loop
  • Rubber: Xtreme Friction, and [heel rand] Science Friction R2
  • Midsole: 1.8mm polycarbonate midsole
  • Profile: Aggressive
  • Asymmetrical Curvature: Significant


A rubber compound designed to give you maximum friction on climbing holds By
giving XF significantly softer and more flexible characteristics, it allows the climbing
shoe to grip and retain it’s “memory” over various surfaces.

Years after the launch of the first Mad Rock rubber formula, our new Science Friction 3.0
compound marks a special milestone for the Mad Rock brand. After exhaustive research
and a new production process originating in the USA, our new formula has distinctively
different characteristics than our previous batches. More durable than any of our
previous formulas, our new Science Friction 3.0 also boasts higher friction. This optimal
balance is incorporated into our new mix by increasing the tear strength and the memory
of the compound. Due to its unique characteristics and unparalleled performance, our
new Science Friction 3.0 formula is used on our shoe components like the 3D Hooking
Heel, 3D Concave Sole as well as the soles in all of our rock shoes.