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Now available in an all-black, Tokyo edition. Gold details commemorate climbing's inclusion as an Olympic sport in 2021, and Mad Rock salutes all the competitors from around the world who gather this summer to share the passion for the sport that both defines and unites us. Climbing is our passion.

The classic high volume Remora fit that you know and trust has been updated with the slickest styling under the sea. A beefy EVA-filled pull tab in the back and a bonus pull tab on top help with micro-adjustments. Chevron patterned elastic "scales" and rubberized logo detailing keep this classic pair of kicks looking fresh. The speed climbing slipper of choice for Mad Rock's Olympic athletes, the Remora confidently sticks to any surface like a fish cuts through the water.

The Jamming, smearing and slabbing game is strong with the Remora climbing shoes. This is a very soft shoe, enjoyed best by climbers with developed foot strength and established footwork skills. Climb like a ninja.

  • Soft and sensitive soled shoe, helping to be more aware of your feet
  • Slightly curved shape, to accommodate for smaller grips
  • Science 3.0 (super sticky rubber)
  • A do-it-all slipper for boulders, sport routes, and gym climbs
  • Slight downturn performs on vertical to steep climbs
  • Power upper made with climbing grade rubber for toe hooking/crack climbing 
  • Syn Flex upper provides great comfort to performance ratio
  • Vegan friendly


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