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Patented compression molding saves 25% waste and brings you a budget shoe with performance as a result!

This is the replacement for Mad Rock’s popular entry-level shoe, the Drifter. Like the Drifter is has a stiff, supportive sole, making it the perfect choice for beginners who still need to strengthen up their feet, as well as a relaxed, comfortable fit. 

At the same time Mad Rock have introduced a number of advanced features that allow for more fancy footwork. There is significantly more rubber on the upper, which means you can toe hook with ease. We also love the fact that it has the same heel as the Drone, with additional rubber and a ridged profile for bomber heel hooks. The fit is slightly more aggressive, with an asymmetrical toe box and gently downturned profile for more secure foot placements. The sole is also sufficiently sensitive that experienced climbers won’t feel like they’re wearing a pair of clogs.

The Mad Rock Rover is a versatile, comfortable, and durable climbing shoe aimed at beginner climbers. It has a synthetic upper and a rubber sole and is designed with a flat profile and a moderate downturn, making it suitable for a wide range of climbing styles including sport climbing, bouldering, and trad climbing. The shoe also features Mad Rock's Triple-Force system, which is designed to distribute pressure evenly across the foot, providing a comfortable and supportive fit. Additionally, the shoe's toe box is designed to be asymmetrical, allowing for a better fit and more precise toe placement on small holds.

Overall, the Mad Rock Rover is considered a versatile, comfortable, and durable climbing shoe perfect for both beginners and more experienced climbers looking for a work-horse gym shoe.

  • Science Friction 3.0 rubber
  • 1.8mm polyester midsole
  • Syn Flex upper
  • Moderate asymmetrical curvature
  • Compression molded construction
  • Dual strap Velcro closure
  • Stiff, supportive toe box with moderate sensitivity
  • 25% less waste during production

Designed as your first shoe, your comfortable gym shoe or your all-day-never-take-off shoe, our suggested sizing is on the relaxed fit side. Mad Rock also tends to be sized smaller than many climbing shoe brands, so it's good to keep this in mind. 

Below is our recommended size down from your street shoes: 

  • Your 1st Shoe: 0 Down
  • Gym Shoe: 0 or 1 Down
  • All Day Shoe: 1 Down
  • Performance: 1–1.5 Down