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For women who desire an effortless approach to carrying heavy loads, a 50-litre backpack offering full adjustability and 10 litres of additional expandable storage is the perfect solution for multi-day trekking.

Designed for thru-hiking and long-distance use, our Alptrek 50 is a comfortable trekking pack featuring a fully adjustable carrying system with a total capacity of fifty litres. What's more, it has a lightweight nylon construction that withstands abrasions very well. For those longer excursions, its height-adjustable and detachable lid compartment can add an extra ten litres of volume and act as a separate carry bag. Plus, our Easy-Adjust Dry Back Custom carrying system contains adjustable back length along with anatomically shaped padded shoulder straps and hip-belt tailored to fit women specifically. Meanwhile, load lifter straps guarantee optimal back fit over extended periods of time and its pre-shaped hipfin ensures a secure fit while transferring most of your load to your hips.

  • Mat attachment lower straps
  • Front net pocket
  • Pocket for valuables
  • Split shoulder strap
  • Separate Compartment
  • Split hip-belt
  • EVA pads with 3D channel ventilation
  • Height adjustable hood
  • Side compression straps
  • Load control strap
  • Side pockets
  • Hip belt pocket
  • Inner pocket for valuables
  • Rope fastener
  • Ice-Pick/ Pole fastening
  • Double ice axe fastening



  • Gender: ♀
  • Backpack Size:77 x 30 x 22 cm
  • Torso Length: 45-53 cm
  • Volume: 50 l (+10l)
  • Weight: 1765 g (1629g)
  • CSR Salewa Committed
  • Carrying system: DRY BACK CUSTOM
  • Material: 100Dx280D Nylon Twill, 210D Nylon Honeycomb


Universal Sizing