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The Ergo Tex is a lightweight, compact via Ferrata set with abrasion-resistant elasticated webbing lanyards and an integrated swivel for high safety and uncomplicated handling.

The Ergo Tex Set comes in at 660g and packs away small. The carabiners fit neatly in your hand even while wearing thicker gloves. With the wider gate openings, it's simple to clip and un-clip. We also like the swivel that prevents the lanyards from twisting.

Ergo Tex is designed to make via Ferrata activities easier and safer. This lightweight, compact set features durable elasticated webbing lanyards and a built-in swivel for maximum protection. Additionally, its Ergotech 2.0 carabiners have an ergonomic design that allows comfortable use even with gloves on.

Tests conducted by Munich Technical University suggest that users can save up to 30% of their energy due to this carabiner's hand fit and easy operation. To further ensure security, these carabiners are equipped with palm-locking mechanisms that prevent them from opening inadvertently.

Lastly, thanks to its integrated swivel, Ergo Tex enables close-to-body handling while ensuring that its elasticated webbing lanyards don't get twisted when clipping or unclipping.

  • Ergotec carabiner fits the hand perfectly, even kids hands
  • Ergonomic carabiner design and hand-fit saves 30% more energy
  • Extra-wide carabiner gate opening for fast and secure clipping and un-clipping
  • Flat-design carabiner flexes under load without breaking
  • Bungy-style lanyards enable close-to-body handling
  • Tear-webbing energy absorber
  • Rest-loop on the energy absorber
  • New integrated swivel between the energy absorber and lanyards to prevent the arms from getting twisted when clipping/un-clipping


  • Breaking Loads Lateral - 7kN
  • Breaking Loads Longitudinal - 27kN
  • Breaking Loads Open - 15kN
  • Certifications - EN958 : 2017
  • User Weight - 40kg - 120kg
  • Via Ferrata Construction - Shock Absorber
  • Weight - 60g
  • Made in - EU

Universal Sizing