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Equipped with high-quality Attac carabiners and abrasion-resistant elasticated webbing lanyards, this compact via Ferrata set is designed for maximum safety and optimal comfort.

The Premium Attac Set is extremely lightweight and compact. The abrasion-resistant materials make it very robust. The elasticated lanyards ensure close-to-body handling at all times.

Providing enhanced safety and ease of handling, this compact Via Ferrata set is an ideal choice for users weighing 40 to 120 kg. Outfitted with Attac carabiners and abrasion-resistant webbing lanyards, it enables close-to-body usage at all times. In addition, its tear-webbing energy absorber absorbs any forces resulting from a fall. Further, it's suitable even when carrying a full backpack.

All in all, this Premium Attac is designed to be reliable for every situation.

  • Robust Attac carabiners with intelligent opening and locking mechanism
  • Improved Bungee
  • Style lanyards for close-to-body carabiner handling
  • Tear webbing energy absorber
  • Rest-loop on the energy absorber
  • Suitable for users who weigh 40kg to 120kg


  • Breaking Loads Lateral - 8kN
  • Breaking Loads Longitudinal - 27kN
  • Breaking Loads Open - 11kN
  • Certifications - EN958 : 2017, UIAA 128
  • Made in EU
  • Via Ferrata Construction - Shock Absorber
  • Weight - 540g