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Our best-selling performance shoe since its arrival in ZA more than 5 years ago offering all-round performance at wallet-friendly prices.

We have sold twice as many Shark 2.0 as any other climbing shoe in our "Performance" category. Probably because of its all-round performance it performs excellently across a wide range of styles. If you are looking for a shoe to Sport Climb, Boulder and gym climb everything from Vert to steeps, the Shark often is better than the Drone for example which is stiffer and more aggressive. Offering slightly more support than the Remora and lighter on the wallet than Indalo / Redline, it's understandable why we sell so many. 

The Mad Rock Shark 2.0 is an advanced rock shoe that excels at technical bouldering and gym climbing. Mad Rock have resurrected their original Shark climbing shoe to make the Mad Rock Shark 2.0, which is just as affordable but packs a bit more punch. The shoe is super-sensitive, with an all-rubber upper and an aggressive down-turn, and the upper is constructed mainly from Mad Rock's R2 rubber, which wraps around the arch and hugs the foot, giving you natural toe and heel hooking prowess.

  • Syn Flex uppers provide a snug fit and next-to-skin comfort
  • Slip-on design with a single power strap makes for easy on and off
  • AES midsole is exceptionally soft in the center and stiffer on the edges to provide increased sensitivity without compromising edging performance
  • The patented concave sole shape enhances your ability to use your feet like a second set of hands
  • Science Friction 3.0 rubber is specially formulated to be sticky and durable
  • Asymmetric last shape and an aggressive downturn make the Shark ideal for the steepest terrain and competition climbing
  • Arch Flex system utilizes elastic R2 rand rubber to lock your foot into place without the pain typically experienced in a high-performance shoe
  • Molded Edge Heel provides an improved fit and heel-hooking performance
  • Vegan friendly

Tech Specs

Stiffness: Soft/Medium

Upper Material: SynFlex

Closure: Hook-and-loop

Midsole: Concave polycarbonate

Rubber: Science Friction 3.0

Profile: Aggressive

Asymmetrical Curvature: Moderate