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The Scout 3X is a compact, lightweight headlamp designed for everyday outdoor use.

The Scout 3X has 300 Lumen output and the convenience of being able to use the Silva Hybrid rechargeable battery (sold separately) and normal AAA batteries makes it a great choice for any adventure.

The ultra-lightweight Scout 3X headlamp offers users white light, red light, and a battery level indicator - perfect for extended outdoor explorations. Moreover, this headlamp features an innovative Hybrid technology which means you can use either 3xAAA batteries or rechargeable hybrid battery (sold separately) interchanging as needed.

  • 2 brightness levels
  • 2 LED colours
  • 300 lumen
  • True lumen Our lumen values are measured 30 seconds after switching the lamp on. We measure lumen according to the ANSI FL1 STANDARD.
  • Battery level indicator
  • Hybrid technology, enabling use with a rechargeable battery or 3xAAA batteries
  • Silva Intelligent Light, combining long reach spot light and close flood light.
  • Night-vision mode, the red light preserves your night vision.
  • 3xAAA batteries included


  • Led type: 2 x semi high power LEDs, 1 x red
  • Light distance max - 60 meters
  • Max lumen - 300
  • Min Lumen - 50
  • Weight: 51g
  • IPX5 - water resistant