VRTGO as a concept has always been, first and foremost, a passion project and this is often showcased in our gear selection and range where we choose gear which we believe in rather than, necessarily, gear that we think will sell to the masses.

During lockdown 2020 Tristan built a media and Topo platform (rather than run around the complex courtyard) - The Ntaba Project - as a repository dedicated to quality adventure photography and writing, as well as adding a Route Database for climbing routes in Southern Africa.

While we love scrolling through instagram, great stories often get lost in the social media vortex. With attention spans shortening every day, there’s a great need to remember the importance of in-depth, substantial content and storytelling.

We'll bring you real, nuanced features and news updates - the epic stories behind the images you double-tap, and if you’re looking for some guidance or you’re just a gear nerd like us, check out our reviews - all written by local outdoor adventurers - from hikers, to climbers and paragliders who have actually used the gear.

We are always keen for more, quality content. Do you have something to contribute? Become a contributor by sending your story or gear review to us - contact us to find out more.