Vertigo - Rope -- Dynamic Rope

Caring for your dynamic climbing rope

We have selected a range of dynamic ropes available in South Africa. Our aim is to offer a selection for the budget conscious, the climber looking to progress (but is not quite ready to burn through a rope every year), and the performance seeker (who accepts that performance on the day is paramount)

In simple terms, when it comes to ropes that meet the same test criterion

  • it is cheaper to manufacture a thicker rope than a thinner rope (which has the same safety factors)
  • it is cheaper to manufacture a coarse (difficult to handle / low "knotability") rope than a soft supple one
  • it is cheaper to not add any treatments which help prolong the rope life or keep it from getting water-logged
  • regardless of increased tech. in the more expensive, treated ropes, a rope that is 40% lighter per meter will not endure the same repeated abuse, there's simply not enough material. 

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