Brand - Madrock

Family owned and driven by a passion for design and affordability, Mad Rock's innovative products are designed by the owner, a climber of 40 years, and manufactured in Mad Rock's own plant in Vietnam!

From rock shoes to quickdraws, Mad Rock’s equipment is practical and designed for climbers with personality. The only company that produces every element of their shoes, Mad Rock has patents spanning rubber, soles and cutting edge injection-moulding. That’s how concerned they are with the quality of their shoes, and this flows over into the creation of their other products.

Not only does Mad Rock strip away the unnecessary frills to create hard-core products, they care about the people buying their wares too. Vegan-friendly shoes for those who don’t believe in using animal products, organic hemp lining for those who are not into synthetics and some seriously off-the-wall designs for those who like to crank hard in style.