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If you're a resident you'll find this map invaluable... if you're a visitor you'll find it essential. This double-sided waterproof map covers the whole of the Cape Peninsula in two sections; from Cape Town to Muizenberg and, on the reverse, from Muizenberg to Cape Point.

Now with all the new street names; the myciti bus routes; the complete Hoerikwaggo trail and all the new interchange layouts. Now also includes the Cape Camino!

  • Colour-shading and contours at 20m intervals make the distinctive mountains of Table Mountain National Park stand out clearly.
  • All of Cape Town's southern suburbs, main roads, railways, footpaths, etc. are accurately mapped and named.
  • More than thirty different kinds of facilities are keyed, from theatres to mountain biking, restaurants to whale-watching. 
  • 500 places of special interest are named, listed, and keyed on the map.
  • Built-up areas, industrial areas, informal settlements, cemeteries, sports grounds, shopping centers, cultivated lands, education sites, police stations, and post offices are detailed.
  • Both sides: A2+ full colour maps
  • Scale: 1:50 000 (2cm = 1km)
  • 20m contours; relief shading
  • 2km square grid
  • Coords in DDMM.mm format at important junctions
  • WATERPROOF and TEAR RESISTANT in a plastic sleeve
  • ISBN 978-1-920377-36-6