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A compact and durable outdoor stove designed for efficient cooking on various liquid fuels. Stability, and simplicity in operation, the FMS-F5 is suitable for high-altitude cooking and third world travel.

The Fire Maple FMS-F5 Turbine Liquid Stove is a versatile and durable outdoor stove that runs on various liquid fuels. It offers efficient cooking, stability, and simplicity in operation, making it ideal for camping and backpacking. Its wide base enhances safety, and it is known for its durability and long-term reliability in outdoor conditions.

  • Efficiency: The Fire Maple FMS-F5 Turbine Liquid Stove is designed for efficient cooking. It features a powerful burner that can quickly boil water and cook food, making it a suitable choice for backpackers and campers looking to save time and fuel.

  • Fuel Versatility: This stove can run on various liquid fuels, including white gas, kerosene, diesel, and even unleaded gasoline. This versatility can be especially handy when traveling in remote areas where specific fuel types may be more readily available than others.

  • Durability: Fire Maple is known for producing durable outdoor equipment. The FMS-F5 Turbine Liquid Stove is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, with a robust construction that can handle rough handling and challenging conditions.

  • Portability: This stove is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your backpack. The included storage pouch helps keep it protected during transportation.

  • Stability: The stove has a wide and stable base, which enhances safety when cooking in the field. It can support larger pots and pans without wobbling, reducing the risk of spills and accidents.

  • Simplicity: Operating the FMS-F5 Turbine Liquid Stove is straightforward. It has a simple ignition system, and the flame control allows you to adjust the heat output easily, giving you control over your cooking.

  • High Altitude Performance: Some liquid fuel stoves perform well at higher altitudes where other types of stoves may struggle due to decreased oxygen levels. This stove's design and the use of liquid fuel can make it more suitable for high-altitude cooking.

  • Longevity: With proper maintenance, this stove can provide reliable cooking performance for an extended period. It's an investment that can serve you well over multiple camping trips.

  • Eco Friendly: While liquid fuel stoves still produce emissions, they can be more eco-friendly than some other options like disposable canister stoves. Using liquid fuel can help reduce waste from disposable fuel canisters.

  • Versatility: If you plan to travel internationally, the ability to use a variety of liquid fuels can be a significant advantage, as fuel availability can vary widely from country to country.

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  • Open: 178*84mm
  • Folded: 80*84.5mm
  • Max Output Power: 3500W
  • Weight: 180g(Stove), 48g(Pump), 91g(550ml Fuel Bottle)
  • Boiling 1L water only takes 3'50"
  • Includes: 0.5L FUEL BOTTLE