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Fits ay modern screw-type gas stove

Providus Gas is a special four-season gas that allows the bottle to be used below -20 ° C.  Made in Italy and meets international standards, it has the most authoritative German TUV certificate.

The advantages of gas screw bottles in front of the one-time capsules are:

  • stronger gas;
  • can be removed from the hob’s head at any time and not when they are completely empty. This allows the use of a multi-bottle cooker depending on whether you are going out for the day or doing a multi-day transition.
  • Separately carrying the bottle from the hob in the rucksack to save space.
  • Gas screw bottles and disposable gas capsules can not be used with the same stove model. The description of each cooker indicates which of the two types of gas cylinders is functioning.