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Lightweight, moisture-wicking Trail shorts with built-in liner.

The Quest shorts are designed in collaboration with top South African trail runners and we're sure that they will be your new go-to shorts. We built them from the ground up on the following principles. Quality - The shorts are durable and built to withstand the rugged South African environment, whether this is on the fynbos ridgelines of the western Cape or the grassed summits of the Drakensberg we tested and engineered these to last. Sustainability - We searched high and low for a recycled fabric that could perform the task and our recycled polyester is a win for you and the planet. Minimalism - We stripped the design down to the bare essentials. You will feel like you're wearing nothing! Exactly the way it should be. Performance - We designed the shorts from the inside out and have developed our trademark boxer brief inner. Both the women's and men's are tailored for a snug fit that in combination with the fabrics moisture wicking properties eradicates chafe.

Snug performance fit - We recommend going a size up.