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“T.P. Stokoe, the man, the myths, the flowers” is a celebration of an extraordinary life. Thomas Pearson Stokoe lived from 1868 to 1959. An incredible man, he climbed mountains until the age of 91 and discovered nearly 150 plants unknown to science. Nearly forty prominent Cape biologists have contributed their expertise and enthusiasm to enrich this tale of TP Stokoe and his passion for flowers.

  • Page size 210 x 240 [landscape format];
  • 156 pages, full colour throughout; stitch bound with semi-hard cover with two gatefolds
  • Contents include: a biography of TP Stokoe; plant collections of TP Stokoe [fully illustrated]; and the full story of the history and rediscovery of Stokoe’s “Golden Protea” (Mimetes stokoei), with a foreword by Dr. J P Rourke, former President of the Botanical Society of South Africa 
  • Texts and illustrations by Amida Johns and Peter Slingsby 
  • Edited by Lynne Stokoe and Annabel Slingsby 
  • Layout and set by Maggie and Peter Slingsby